Bea's Homemade Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter, Peanuts

Bebed Agriculture
A shop which sells agricultural stuffs

Beko's Biik
We have the most succulent and tastiest lechon biik in Davao. Roasted for 2-3 hours with only th...

Belaro Confectioner Corporation
Chocolate Candies

Belinda Morales
We are selling condominiums,subdivisions,raw lots,raw lands and house and condominium rentals in ...

Benim Repacking & Marketing
Benim Repacking & Marketing

Benjoy Inc
Established in 1992, Benjoy, Inc. specializes in making nursery stuff toys, focusing on high end ...

Berx 2go Prints
Souvenir Printing

Beula Crafts
Gift items (dolls,desk accessories,gift boxes)

Bhebe's Food Products
Food Products

BIB Coated Garlic Peanut
Special home-made garlic peanut products

Bisakol Outdoorshop
Bisakol Outdoorshop is in line with the outdoor apparels which have branches in the main cities o...

We offer fashion and brands clothing, head to toe apparells and skin care products.

blue tanggle
Food shop since 2913

Bohol Products Online

Bokya_GGY Enterprises
Started 2012

Book Latte
The first library cafe in Iloilo, and now a lifestyle cafe offering good food, good books and goo...

Soon to Open

Bored Games PH
Bored Games distributes unique board games and geeky stuff. With all of these fun-tastic plays, y...

Boston Bamboo Producers Association
Bamboo Furnitures

Bristle Ridge
Residential Condominium Project