Armaga Chocolate Zzuff
Armaga Chocolate Zzuff
Armaga Chocolate Zzuff
Armaga Chocolate Zzuff

Armaga Chocolate Zzuff

By Ana Rose Philippines


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Nutrition is the doorway to having a healthy, energetic life. However, with today’s fast-paced lifestyles, people often lack the time to integrate appropriate, well-planned meals to their daily diets.Taking this nutritional necessity into consideration, one breakthrough dish—the Chocolate Zzuff soup—brings “convenient nutrition” closer to on-the-go people by combining the essential benefits of chocolate and the natural goodness of fruits and vegetables in one bottle.
Dubbed as a breakthrough “wonder soup” because of its amazing benefits, Chocolate Zzuff offers high-grade nutritional components via its special concoction of more than 50 locally and internationally available vegetables, herbs, fruits, spices and pure cacao. These choice ingredients are then combined through precise cooking methodologies—each carefully added at a specific time and order to maximize the concoction’s nutritional benefits and efficacy.
Aside from its premium natural formulation and systematic cooking processes, the chocolate-flavored “wonder soup”—the recipe creation of which took over 12 years and countless draft procedures—is a food innovation that offers a convenient approach to improve and compensate today’s busy and health-deficient eating lifestyles.


Proudly Philippine made, Chocolate Zzuff is a dairy-free chocolate soup that has no sugar (naturally sweetened with Stevia), no artificial flavor and no color added. This highly enriching dish is thoroughly prepared and cooked only an hour upon scheduled pickup.

According to Joselito Sinchioco, MD, officer of The Philippine Federation of Private Medical Practitioners (PFPMP) and public relations director of Armaga, this great-tasting, low-calorie (about 82 per serving), zero-cholesterol chocolate soup in a bottle is not a food supplement nor medicine, but a blend of healthy natural ingredients that has greatly benefited users over the years of testing.

“Those who already tried the soup experienced comfort in just three to five days of taking it. Amazingly, people with cancer, even some patients who are undergoing dialysis, and those afflicted with arthritis, skin diseases, among others, are said to be comforted upon taking Chocolate Zzuff.”

Dr. Rebecca dela Rama-Ladia, current director and past president of Philippine Academy of Family Physician (PAFP) Bulacan Chapter, said she suffered from fatigue, had hypertension and diabetes as well as rising cholesterol level.

Benefits experienced
•After a week of continuously taking the soup, she noticed that her daily sugar readings remarkably gone down and has normalized since then. After a month, her blood pressure was within normal range and her lipid profile surprisingly normalized too.
Because of the benefits she herself experienced, she decided to share the soup with her patients. They too experienced amazing results just within two weeks. “The patients who tried Chocolate Zzuff told me they were happy to experience better sleep, good bowel movement and overall comfort that led to increased energy,” Ladia said.


Because of these astounding developments and the good feedback from those who tried the soup, the owners of Armaga Chocolate Zzuff Restaurant are now planning to commission health professionals to conduct clinical trials in the future.

Ideally recommended as an eight-day regimen, one serving (about 240 ml) of Chocolate Zzuff should be eaten or taken in the morning with empty stomach and another serving at night, or in 12-hour interval. Take the second serving with meal or after meal. Users may repeat the regimen every two months or as needed.
“You can drink it anytime. We cook new batches every hour of kitchen operations, prior to pickup hours at Armaga to guarantee its freshness. However, we suggest that you consume it within 72 hours from the time it was served to you, to enjoy its best quality,” Sinchioco added.

Packed with high levels of nutritional components,

Chocolate Zzuff is also made extra convenient and enjoyable for people who lead active, on-the-go lifestyles through its handy-bottle packaging. Simply drink “as is” or straight from the bottle or pour in a dish, users can readily consume the amazing goodness of this chocolate soup anytime, anywhere without the worry of accidental spills.

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