The Largest e-Commerce Circuit in the Philippines

As one of the most capable drivers of economic growth, SMEs have the potential to promote a sustainable and innovative business model based on e-commerce, which is why UnionBank and its consortium partners have crafted the Ureka Forum in a way that can best help these entrepreneurs revamp their business strategies.

Enabling the Mass-conversion of SMEs to E-commerce

In line with the three pillars of the Ureka Forum, UnionBank and its consortium partners are collaborating with a number of industry leaders from the business and technology industries to spread their knowledge and share their unparalleled expertise to Filipino entrepreneurs.

For the launch, the consortium was made up UnionBank’s partners and culminated in an event held at the CAP John Hay Cultural Center in Baguio City last October 2015. This was followed by the second leg of the Ureka Forum, where UnionBank and its consortium partners once again engaged Filipino entrepreneurs in the Visayas, this time at the Iloilo Convention Center.

Now, the Ureka Forum is headed to the “Queen Jewel of Mindanao,” Davao, as UnionBank and its consortium partners get ready to interact with and guide the region’s community of SMEs on how they can best tap the immense growth possibilities via technology and e-commerce.

Take Your Business Online in 1 Day

One of the highlights of the Ureka Forum—the Philippines’ largest e-commerce mass conversion movement—is a workshop aptly called the “E-Commerce Circuit.”

It is conducted during the second half of the program to provide selected SMEs with a working e-commerce business portal at the end of the day. It consists of a 10-step procedure that provides the entrepreneurs access on the necessary components in operating an e-commerce portal. Through the circuit, SMEs no longer have to go through the usual hassle of creating their own e-commerce website from scratch. All they need to do is provide the information about their business, their products, and/or their services, and our team will take care of setting up each website—all in just a couple of hours.

Bringing the World to Mindanao

Mindanao has steadily caught up to Luzon’s economic development over the years. The island’s overall geography makes for booming agricultural and fishing industries, with fertile lands covering the landscape and fruitful waters surrounding it. The local government has done an outstanding job of engaging and supporting local communities in their pursuit of social and economic growth to such a degree that domestic and international investors have turned their attention to the island. This newfound attention from investors has also helped in the island’s pursuit of strengthening its BPO, technology, and commerce industries.

Davao City, in particular, has gained attention as the emerging trade, commerce, industry, and financial hub of Southern Philippines. This comes as no surprise as it is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the country. Its urban landscape rivals that of the cities in Luzon for its strong lure of local and international investors. And while it is a thriving metropolis, Davao’s agricultural industry continues to be its largest economic contributor—so much so that the city is lovingly referred to as the “Fruit Basket of the Philippines.” Aside from this, the Davao Gulf provides the city’s community of fishermen a vast aquatic population that helps sustain the continued growth of this particular industry.

All these factors make Davao City a well-integrated territory of urban and rural development, thus making the next best stop for the third leg of the Ureka Forum.